Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Joined the Pampered Chef Family

I know I haven't posted in awhile. I should probably explain why. I've been busier than normal at this time of year. Back in November, I made a decision to join the Pampered Chef as a consultant. It was sort of a fluke that I made this decision. A friend was hosting a Pampered Chef party on Facebook.

I had actually been thinking about starting an Etsy shop for a little extra money. I liked the idea of having an online business. The reality of the actual MAKING of the product was what was standing in my way. If you've read very many of my posts, you know I'm good at starting projects....not so good at completing them. I kept thinking about the Pampered Chef. The product is already made. I LOVE and use their products. I'd just have to promote and sell the product. And. A lot of the parties are held online now. So, I contacted the consultant to find out what was involved and I signed up shortly afterwards. I'm a Pampered Chef consultant and I'm really enjoying it! They have a lot of new products (at least since the last time I had been to a party....). Some GREAT recipes! I just enjoy sharing with people the exciting things going on at The Pampered Chef. If you're at all interested in buying products, hosting a show or maybe even joining my team, please check out my Pampered Chef website and while you're at it, be sure to stop by and "Like" my Facebook Page.

I'll still be sharing my craft projects as I'm working on them, but I also will be sharing some of the fabulous recipes, tools and tips from the Pampered Chef!

Happy in the Kitchen!


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