Saturday, June 8, 2013

Leave No Trace

It's that time of year. Summer camping, hiking and in our case, trail riding. Yesterday, we spent several hours cleaning up this mess. This just boggles my mind. How on earth could anyone leave all this junk out in the forest?
It just totally violates the third principle of Leave No Trace. Pack it in, Pack it out.

My husband found this mess a couple of years ago. It took a while to arrange the time and resources to be able to get this cleaned up. This was located 4 miles in from the nearest trailhead on a non-motorized recreation area. That means, you can't just DRIVE in to clean this up. Luckily, our friends Dan and Betty own enough pack mules to haul out all the junk.

What started out looking like this......

Ended up looking like this......



It took THREE Mules to haul out all the GARBAGE! Unfortunately, I was having trouble with the camera, so, I didn't get a good picture of the loaded mules.

In conclusion, I would like to  re-emphasize the 3rd principal of Leave No Trace..... If you pack it in, PLEASE...... PACK IT OUT!

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