Friday, June 28, 2013

.....Plan B

We just returned from a camping trip in the eastern Oregon desert. Once again, the Leave No Trace Principles came into play. This time, principle #1.....Plan ahead and prepare.

We planned to meet our friends for dinner at a local restaurant on our first night. It's known for serving HUGE portions. That means "leftovers". We planned on using the leftovers for our dinner for our second night. The day before we left for our trip, we got a call that they weren't going to be able to meet for dinner and had cancelled the reservation. So......plan B. We bought a roast that would be big enough for dinner on the first night (and leftovers for the following night). We browned the roast over the campfire in the Dutch oven.

Then finished cooking it over briquettes and campfire coals.

About an hour before the roast was ready we added a couple of potatoes. A pretty good meal for plan B.

And.....dinner for our second night. I shredded the meat, cooked with some peppers for fajitas.

I would like to say that dinner was the only thing that we had to resort to Plan B for. But, it wasn't.

We knew there was a possibility for rain showers for a few days. Also cooler weather. When we heard that the town near where we were going had a 15 degree night the day before we left. We decided to pack the woodstove....just in case. Sure glad we did!

It didn't really get very cold, but it RAINED. Like BUCKETS! We spent quite a bit of time in the trailer in front of the woodstove. Kept the trailer toasty warm and relatively condensation free.

Good thing I brought my knitting/crocheting! I finished my Priory Shawl and a square and a 1/2 for JCCF.  I'll post about these later.

We had gone up to this particular trailhead to do some work on the trails. Mainly to buck out any trees that had fallen and blocked the trail. The first night (before the rain started). Tiel and I hiked around the loop trail  and found that someone had already cleared the trails. Since that had already been done......(in between rainstorms) Hubby and I piled slash that woodcutters had left around the campsites and raked the gravel pads of the campsites.


We didn't get any trail riding done either, but it was still a good trip. We saw some pretty country.....

When getting ready for a camping trip......make sure to Plan ahead and prepare. But make sure you've got a Plan B, too!
Oh! and since it's fire season......make sure your campfire is dead out, too!

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  1. Were you planning on the Cowboy Tree? We have been there a couple of times.. very good :)


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