Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy to Grow Perennials- Beebalm

Continuing on with my list of Easy to Grow perennials. We're moving on to Beebalm (Monarda). Also known as Bergamont or Oswego TeaAnother real beauty. Bright, cheery blooms that take full sun (although it can also handle a bit of shade in the hot part of the afternoon). Comes in many colors. Reds, purples, pinks and a creamy white color, too. Has a citrusy mint aroma. Leaves and flowers are edible and could be used as a pretty garnish in drinks or salads.

Try adding some stems to a batch of sun tea. Mm-m-m-m-m-m-m! They can also be dried for potpourri, sachets, tea and seasoning. The citrus flavor blend with many fruits, veggies and meats. LOVE that citrus smell!

See how it pairs so well with the Catmint in the background. Truly Beautiful, don't you agree? Occasionally, deer will nibble on the plant.....they must not like it though, they rarely eat it to the ground like they will other plants. I've never had any damage from rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, insects (other than bees - probably why the name Beebalm), etc. I've also never had any disease problems with my plant either. I HAVE had powdery mildew show up on some of the plants at work. That usually corrects itself if I make sure the plants are getting enough sunlight though.

If you need a pop of color in your garden......try a little Beebalm!

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