Friday, July 12, 2013

Thanks Simply Notable Group

Let me start by saying, the Simply Notable Group gets me into all kinds of trouble. Whatever KAL, monthly goals, mini swap, , or What's flew into your queue they post. I, somehow, end up right in the middle of it. How does this happen?

To be fair though.....I've really enjoyed being involved with this group. I've really expanded my knitting skills this year because of this involvement.  In April a Shawl KAL/CAL/WAL thread was started. This seemed like the perfect time to......
  1. Finish this shawl that I started for a KAL with the JCCF group (over a YEAR ago). &
  2. Begin the Priory shawl,  by Angela Roberge a pattern (and yarn) I had received in some swaps from friends in the JCCF group .
I dug out the Citron shawl and began working on it again. On April 30th, I also cast-on the Priory shawl.

The official date to begin the KAL/CAL/WAL was May 1st. Unfortunately, I thought April 30th WAS May 1st. My life goes like that sometimes. After about a week, I finished the Citron shawl.

Thanks to the Simply Notable group for giving me just enough of a push to get it completed!

Now I was able to completely devote my attention to the Priory shawl. It's a good thing, too, being that it was my first "real" lace project. It needed all of my concentration! I had to frog and restart once because I made SOME type of mess-up. Right. Down. The. Center. It's not like you can ignore that one. Plus, at that point, I was convinced the needles I was using were too big and the stitches were ending up sloppy because of it. For whatever reason, a gauge swatch RARELY makes a difference for me. I don't know if my stitching varies from the swatch to the actual project or what. It's kind of FRUSTRATING!

After restarting, I went flying along. Until, that is, I was about 10 rows into Lace chart B. That's when I realized I wasn't reading the wrong side rows from the LEFT! After deciding where I should rip back to.....I put in a lifeline and started ripping back to it. This little gadget (part crochet hook/part knitting needle) was SUPER handy.

I received this tool from Alicia in a recent Simply Notable swap. Thanks AGAIN Alicia! I have to say, ripping out lace was NOT a fun thing! Once I got everything back on my needles, I needed a break from my shawl.

June's Calorimetry KAL/CAL was the perfect diversion from the shawl. I got to dye a little yarn and knit up a couple of cute headbands for future gifts (see this post). Thanks Simply Notable for providing me with the opportunity to ditch my shawl for a bit.

I even finished my shawl BEFORE the KAL/CAL/WAL ended at the end of June! Here is the picture of it blocking.

If you've never knit lace before, blocking is a very exciting experience. It's just so AMAZING to see the lace take shape!

Here's the finished shawl.

Thanks in LARGE part to the Simply Notable group!

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