Friday, May 30, 2014

Setting Goals

I only got one wedding afghan block done this month ( May is CRAZY busy at my work). It started out as Cathedral Converts, but when I realized I had used a too large hook (I used an I hook, the pattern called for a H hook, which for me, would have equated as an F hook) things sort of went awry. Therefore, I had to rip back to round 5, square off the block and continue to finish it at 12 inches.
Pretty good save, don't you think?

The good news about the wedding afghan is, I now have a wedding date. Sort of. May or June 2015. Here's what I did with that information (it's a long process)......So let's say it's May ('cuz you can't PLAN on the date being June, am I right?). That means I better plan on having the afghan FINISHED by the end of April. BUT. Knowing how I am, I better plan on having the afghan done by the end of MARCH. Just in case. Sort of giving myself a buffer.

The afghan will consist of five strips. Each strip consists of 3 12-inch blocks and 6 6-inch blocks. I've already completed 2 strips (or 6 12-inch blocks AND 12 6-INCH BLOCKS). So. I need to complete 9  more 12-inch blocks and 18 more 6-inch blocks. If I do one 12-inch block and 2 6-inch blocks EVERY month. I should be done with all the blocks by February. That would leave March to put the afghan together and add a border. Sounds good in theory, right? And that my friends, is my goal.

It's an attainable goal, too, I think. A 12-inch block (or 2 6-inch blocks) usually takes me about 2-3 days (7-10 days if I have problems with the pattern). If you figure 2 weeks to crank out 1 12-inch block AND 2 6-inch blocks (although, if you remember, how many blocks did I get accomplished in May?) . That still leaves 2 weeks EACH month to work on other projects as well (do you see the slippery slope I'm heading for?).

This all leads us to the reasoning for taking 14 of the African Flowers I made and using them to create a tote bag (which I really do need, by the way). Just for today and tomorrow. Then, on June 1st, it's back to work on the afghan (at least until I get my 3 blocks done for the month)! I pinky-promise!

How are your projects going?

Happy crocheting!


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