Sunday, October 5, 2014

Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree


We got pumpkins in at my work Friday. SO, I thought, I should make up some pumpkin puree to freeze. I could have canned it, but, it has to be pressure canned and I really didn't have the "thyme" to do that this weekend. I haven't made pumpkin puree in awhile, but I LOVE pumpkin recipes (well, except pumpkin pie, for some reason, can't stand pumpkin pie) and wanted to have some on hand for fall recipes.

I basically hacked up one medium size pumpkin. Removed and washed the seeds for roasting. I cut the rind off and cut the pieces of pumpkin into about 3" chunks.

(Sorry about the weird lighted photo above, the light in my kitchen was terrible yesterday morning)
Into the (covered) slow-cooker they went with about 2 cups of water. Turned that slow-cooker on low and went about my day. I had LOTS of stuff to do. That's why I LOVE the slow-cooker. I just turn it on and walk away! I've seen other methods where you roast the pumpkin in the oven. I'm sure that works too. IF you have the "thyme" to hang out with your oven......I didn't. When the pumpkin was soft, I drained the extra water off and mashed (with a potato masher) the soft pumpkin. I could have ran it through the food processor, but why create the extra mess? I'm starting to sound lazy here, I know. It's just, well, why make more work for yourself than is needed, right?

Then you just ladle the pumpkin puree into freezer bags. Squeeze out as much air as you can and seal. Lay the bags flat. Label with date and item. Redistribute the puree in the bag so it's even and freeze flat on the freezer shelf or a baking sheet. Easy Peasy, right?

Oh! Then I roasted those pumpkin seeds using this how to perfectly roast pumpkin seeds tutorial. Well, except for the fact that I added my sea salt into the boiling water, so that it would sort of cook into the seeds. Seems to have worked out really well!

So, get on out there and buy yourself a couple of pumpkins (unless you grew some in your garden, in which case, you're set)!

Happy Fall Y'all!


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