Monday, April 20, 2015

A Dress for a Wedding

My nephew and his fiancé's wedding is getting closer (the ones I made this afghan for). Now comes the part where I tell you......I don't even OWN a dress. I looked for a dress. I couldn't find ANYTHING. Don't get me wrong, I didn't try very hard (shopping for clothing has never been easy for me) Then, I looked for some fabric. I was thinking maybe a floral? Or maybe a solid color. NOTHING appealed to me. Everything was so shiny. It must be too close to prom season. SO.....I started digging through my fabric stash and found this beige linen. I'm sure I purchased it for a project, but, I couldn't tell you what it was.

I only had 2 yards of the 60" wide fabric so I opted for this New Look 6039 (view A) sheath dress (I'm pretty sure this pattern is no longer in print). I've made this pattern before and liked the simplicity of the construction. Only TWO pattern pieces. Front and back. Cut those two pieces out of your fabric and the lining and that's it! Sure, it's lined, but actually that's not as hard as it sounds. Plus, it adds a very nice finish to the dress.
Don't you LOVE the curved front dart detail?

In the 40ish years I've been sewing I don't ever remember sewing a lapped zipper. I've always put in centered zippers, no matter what type of zipper construction the pattern calls for (I'm a rebel that way). For some reason, I decided to try the lapped zipper that the pattern called for. I REALLY like it! It may become my new go-to zipper!

Other than the hem (I'm still trying to decide on a length), the dress is done. Now, I want to find some kind of (short sleeve?) jacket, cardigan or shrug  to go over the dress. Oh! And shoes......have to find some kind of shoes. I think that involves shopping.....not one of my best skills. Wish me luck!

Happy sewing!


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