Monday, April 27, 2015

A Dress Dilemma.....

As I mentioned (in this post), I was going to look for a cardigan or jacket to go with this dress (for a wedding). And. Shoes, which I found. Even though I was thinking beige, I went with black.....

The shoe store did have beige. They were very shiny. Sort of like patent leather shiny. Black seemed more sensible. If you're going to own a pair of pumps, shouldn't they be black?

I also found this blue cardigan. Even though this is a terrible picture of the cardigan, it's a really lightweight knit with 3/4 sleeves and a pretty drape. With the sheath dress it looks very Spring-y. Now, I'm starting to wonder about the black pumps with the combination. Isn't that going to look odd?

If that's not bad enough, I found this dress (again shown with the cardigan) at the thrift store.....

I LOVED the print! I knew it would be perfect for summer (like I wear dresses). And. It also has a blue that matches the cardigan. With the black in the print, it would look fine with the black pumps. See the dilemma? I now can't make a decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Since, in my everyday life, my style is jeans (or shorts, depending on the season) and t-shirts. My fashion sense is lacking. Which I find EXTREMELY funny, since, all through high school I wanted to be a fashion designer! Isn't that FUNNY?

Happy Fashion Style!



  1. So if you're really looking for honest opinions, here goes. The plain blue sweater looks best with the print dress. I think the plain Ecru dress, needs a print sweater, to give it the wow factor it lacks. If you are really stuck on the blue sweater, I would add a print scarf, with like colors, to give it some wow factor. Good luck, what ever you decide.

  2. your fashion sense is quite functional, wrote with much greater enthusiasm about the print dress with the black shoes and blue cardi,which should indicate to you the natural choice to make! the ecru dress will lend itself much better to neutral matches in its own shade range,or matching pastels,or beige shoes and muted print/pastel,in my opinion,the print dress combo it is! but either way you decide to ultimately go,just make sure you have fun at the wedding,whatever you wear!


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