Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dyeing for New Yarn in 2013

Since it's a new year, don't we all deserve new yarn for all our new projects? I have to admit, I'm new to dyeing, but it is SO MUCH FUN!
Originally, I found this post on Simply Notable. I thought it was a GREAT idea! It was WA-A-A-AY past Easter though, so, no Easter egg dyes! BOO!

I started checking Pinterest for tutorials on dyeing yarn. There are TONS! Kool-Aid dyeing (this post is one of my favs), solar dyeing, microwave dyeing, crock-pot dyeing. Check it out, you'll see!
Last fall, I played around with solar dyeing. You basically mix up your dye in a large jar, put your yarn in and set in the sun all day (like making sun tea). I got some really good results.

Then, winter got here and I figured solar dyeing was out. I think once your yarn freezes into a big block of ice......well, it just can't be good! So, I thought I'd give Crock-pot dyeing (using food colors) a try. Here's the basics:

1. Start with a skein of animal fiber yarn.
2. Prepare yarn by winding loosely (I use the back of my kitchen chair) and tye in several places.
3. Soak yarn in warm water with a gentle soap for several minutes.

4. Rinse soap from yarn.
5. Put enough water to cover the bottom of an OLD Crock-pot (about an inch deep). Add about 2 Tbsp. vinegar to water (this will help the color "set").

6. Plug in and set temperature on Low.

7. Get out your food colors. Gel colors was all I could find in my grocery store, so, I mix with small amounts of water in squeeze bottles.

8. Randomly add colors to the water.

9. Place yarn into Crock-pot and add colors to the top of the yarn as well.
It will look something like this. Place lid on Crock-pot and cook on low for several hours. The yarn will absorb the color and the water will look almost clear. Remove yarn and rinse in warm water. Hang yarn to dry. Once dry you can wind yarn into a skein (or ball) of yarn.  

Now your all set with new yarn for your new projects for 2013!

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