Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Not every project is a Success......

That's right! Not every project is a success. That being said, I certainly wouldn't say they were a failure, either.

They were looking pretty good at this stage, wouldn't you say?

Now, though, the foot is a bit big and loose. But, they are certainly wearable. On the plus side, I now know, I can decrease the amount of stitches around the foot. Shorten the length from toe to instep (that will also shorten knitting time). I also might have picked up too many stitches on the sides of the heel opening (making the heels much longer than they should have been). I was so worried about those holes they talk about on the sides.

So, what's a girl to do? I'm gonna wear  them, of course! They're socks! AND.....I'm gonna cast-on another pair and see if I can't fix some of those mistakes. You gotta get right back on that horse once it bucks you off! Right?

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