Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Crochet Block of the Month- January Squares

In 2012, I joined several groups on Ravelry that were doing block-a-month (BAM) crochet-alongs (CAL). I enjoyed making blocks so much......I joined a few more this year!

Here's January's blocks for 2013 Crochet Block a Month CAL:

Kiss-Fist-A fun square to crochet up. I'm not really crazy about the color selection. There are some MUCH prettier versions of this square. I thinks I'd like to make a more colorful square for the charity JCCF.

Woolly's Snowflake Square-SUPER fun square! This was supposed to be a 6-inch square, but, I used the directions to make it a 12-inch square.


12" Granny- I have to say.....this originally was not one of my favorites, adding in more color changes REALLY makes this block! I now LOVE this block!

That's my blocks for January. I'm almost done with the first block for February. I hope to post it by the end of the week! Watch for it!

I apologize for the "layout" of this post. The pictures and posts "refuse" to stay where I want them. I'm tired of them hopping all over the, they're just staying the way they are. There are some days whan I wonder why I blog......this is one of them!

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