Monday, February 4, 2013

Crochet Block of the Month

In 2012, I joined several Block Of the Month (BAM) Crochet Alongs (CAL). It was a fun way to make a block  (or two, or three) every month. The idea being, that, at the end of the year, you'd have enough blocks to put together for an afghan.

I'm far from having enough blocks to complete that afghan (see the green in the photo, that's where I lack some 6-inch blocks). In July, I sort of stalled out because of other projects. I had such a good time crocheting the blocks I did finish. Thought I'd share a few of my favorites from last year:

Center Heart Square. This was the first square I made. I had a bit of trouble getting the heart to center. this tutorial was a HUGE help!

Pretty Petals. This was A FABULOUS square! The first time I had ever done clusters, but the square went So-o-o-o quickly. Almost finished it in one evening!

Hint of Spring Isn't it pretty?

Double Treble Burst Square I had never done any kind of front post, but it really wasn't hard. I LOVED this block so much I did a couple extra for my favorite charity group JCCF.

Julie Anney's Stained Glass Square This one MIGHT be my favorite! WAY easier than it looks. Don't ask me why the color is's actually the same colors as all the others. Photograhy skills need to get a little better obviously.

Cool 2B Square  This is a fun little 6-inch square. Think granny square with a little twist. Maybe I'll do a few more of these for those 6-inch squares I need! Don't you like the yarn ends sticking out? Classy, right?

Crown Jewels  Another new skill for me......bobbles. Such a pretty square!

Those were a few of my favorites. Check out 2012 BAMCAL's monthly square page and try out a few blocks of your own. Then head on over to 2013 BAMCAL and join us in making even MORE squares for this year! It's just like potato chips......betcha' can't make just one!

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