Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had lots of ideas for Valentine's day. However, they never got completed (sigh). Sometimes working full time gets in the way of crafting! I do have a few heart-themed crochet blocks to share, though.

Here they are:

Cornered Hearts Square- This was the February 6-inch square for 2013 Crochet Block a Month CAL. I repeated rows 5-7 a second time to bring the square up to 12 inches.

Center Heart Square- This was a square I did for the 2012 Crochet Block a Month CAL. I plan for it to be the center of an afghan I'm working on.

Love & Honor- Such a pretty little square. Also done for 2012 BAMCAL. I made 4 6-inch squares for the afghan.

Have a very Happy Valentine's day. Hopefully you'll get a chance to work on a heart-themed craft project!

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