Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Faux Isle - Free Pattern

This has to be one of my favorite techniques. It's the EASY way to do colorwork. Here's the basics....combine a Self-striping yarn (or variegated) with a contrasting solid color yarn.
To make it easy on yourself, choose a chart that uses 2 colors.

Something similar to this chart I designed using the color chart maker at Tricksyknitter. Let me warn you, the chart maker is addictive......you can spend HOURS making charts! Then again, you can spend HOURS just cruising around her site.....patterns, knitting tips, stitches, chart maker....just sayin'.

If you've never used charts, this post from Lionbrand can walk you through the basics. It's really not as hard as it sounds. Especially if you're knitting in the round. If you're knitting from the bottom up, start at row 1, from the RIGHT, knit the stitches in that row (above chart is a multiple of 4) around until you're back to the beginning. Now, just hop on up to the next row and repeat. Make sure to keep the yarn on the wrong side (floats) loose enough so the front stitches don't pucker.

Maybe the best way to get started is to just knit something easy. So, I've put together a free pattern to download for this mug/jar cozy.

Fair warning.....first pattern. Ever. It seems good to me. Of course, I've knit several of these and I hope I didn't leave out anything crucial. Also, this is the first time I've linked to this site, too. Well, only one way to tell......here goes.....publishing!

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