Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy to Grow Perennials-Yarrow


Another easy to grow perennial is Yarrow (Achillea). The variety above is Paprika. Don't you just LOVE the variety of colors in this plant. It starts out as a beautiful coppery red color then fades to the coral/tan shades. BEAUTIFUL!

If that's not enough for you.....

How about a yellow variety? I think the variety is Moonglow. Maybe it was Moonbeam. It's Moon-something. My memory isn't what it used to be. Anyway, it's a gorgeous lemony yellow color that blooms most of the summer.

There's lots of other varieties also. With colors that range from whites, pinks, corals, reds, and yellows. Yarrow takes a full sun condition. It could also tolerate some light shade in the hot part of the afternoon. Once the plant is established it's pretty drought tolerant. It's normally deer resistant. However, as fall approaches, they seem to be nibbling on it more often. That might be the time to think about using a spray-on deer repellant. There's some pretty good ones on the market. Look for one that doesn't have to sprayed after every watering. The label should say something about repeating spraying once every two weeks to two months.

As fall planting season approaches, think about planting some Yarrow. You'll be glad you did!

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