Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why I Can't Get Anything Done

I've made a huge discovery. It's the main reason I can't get anything done. I'm indecisive. In 2012, I made this block in the Block a Month Crochet-A-Long . I decided it would be a perfect center block for an afghan for our nephew and his girlfriend.

Neutrals are their "colors". So, I chose a taupe and black to accompany the off white color and happily set about to make new blocks every month. Here's a few of my favorites.....

Pretty Petals

Hint of Spring

One of these days, I need to take a better photo of that last really is the same colors as the others. If you want to see the other blocks they are on my project page here.
I had hoped at the end of 2012 (you know about Christmas time), I would have an afghan for a gift. It didn't happen (not enough blocks/time). Ditto for 2013. Then in 2013, I found out there would be a wedding. No date yet. Probably late 2014. NOW, I have to get this afghan DONE!!!
That's when the discovery happened. I'd been seeing several blocks by several members of 2014 Block-a-Month CAL done in just white or cream. They were so beautiful and elegant. I KNEW the afghan had to be solid off-white. It was just how it had to be. I took that ONE Center Heart Square and started over. Here's the link to my project page and some photos of my progress so far.....


There you have it. Sure HOPE I can get this finished in time! Wish me luck!
Happy crocheting!

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