Friday, February 21, 2014

Ravellenic Projects Finished!

That's right! Some finished projects! I mentioned (in this post) that I was getting ready for some Ravellenic winter games knitting. I've done quite a bit of knitting (at least for me) during the winter Olympics viewing.

Here's  the projects I've finished:

The Airy Garter Stitch Infinity Scarf that I rambled on about here.
This Pick a Pocket Cozy by Julie Tarsha. For fun, I added that checkerboard colorwork pattern. That's just the way I am, I'm not sure I can make anything without tweaking it just a little.
Last but not least, I UNKNIT this sweater and returned it to yarn.
I'm thinking I might make another attempt at a different sweater with this yarn......We shall see.
Just a couple of days left for the Olympics. I'm hoping to crochet up a couple of afghan squares for JCCF. I think I can do it.....Maybe?
Happy Knitting!

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