Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Very Cute Bag

I've been needing to make a new tote bag. Mine is getting pretty ratty. The other day, while shopping, I ran across this pattern. It's Simplicity A2830. Two sizes of tote bags with pockets all around. Don't ask me why I thought I needed another bag pattern. I've got a few. This pattern seemed to be calling my name. So, it came home with me.

I'm not sure what fabrics I want to use for my tote bag. While shopping for "the perfect" fabric. I ran across this cute bicycle print and a remnant of red duck fabric. While it wouldn't be great fabric for me personally, I know of a recipient (who happens to have an upcoming Birthday) who it would perfect for. And. It would be a good way to test out the pattern. So, naturally that fabric came home with me.

I cut out the larger tote bag (View A). I made one MINOR change to the pattern. Instead of using the duck fabric for the straps, I used purchased cotton webbing. I also shortened the strap some (it looked a bit long in the pattern). Other than that, I followed the pattern EXACTLY as written. Including adding the hidden zipper panel (which I really considered omitting).

The pattern construction went together really fast. I might have spent 2 hours total putting this bag together (and that included pressing the fabric and cut-out time). This was a really fun project that I'm sure I'll make again (and again, and again). The bag is not really what I would consider "tote bag" size however. It's a smallish purse-size (and remember I made the LARGER size). When I make my bag, I'll definitely have to make some modifications (otherwise it won't hold enough YARN)!

What have you been sewing lately?

Happy Sewing!


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  1. Very cute bag indeed! I love it and all details! Gorgeous bike print! Would love to have you visit my blog sometime :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day and week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft


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