Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scrappy Hats

I recently mentioned this Scrappy Self- Striping Yarn  and now I'm going to show you what I knit from it.......

These Hats! Aren't they fun? I knit them using my Favorite Beanie Recipe.

I had been wanting to try out this Blender Recipe, so, the first hat I knit....that's what I did. I cast-on using the scrappy self-striping yarn and knit a couple of rows of the ribbing with it. Then I stash-dived and knit a row (or two, or three- that was the fun part of this method) with that yarn. Basically, alternating rows with the two yarns. When I thought I needed a new color to be introduced, I would Russian join ( I LOVE this method!) to the stash yarn (kind of joining-as-you-go) and keep on knitting.

Hat #1 was so much fun, I thought I would try adding some simple colorwork patterns into the second hat similar to the method Carrie used to make those GORGEOUS socks! Very similar to what I did for hat #1, I kept the self-striping yarn for the main color and the "join-as-you-go" yarn as my contrast.

I enjoyed the process of these two hats SO much! I can see MANY more scrappy hats (mitts, cowls. scarves, shawls, MAYBE even SOCKS)!!!!! If you've got odds and ends of yarn (and if you knit, you KNOW you do), I highly recommend trying out this scrappy knitting!

Happy Stash-diving!



  1. Well, that's very inventive! I have lots of end of yarn. I even keep those that are 1 foot long. One never know when they may come handy. ;-)
    My boys love wearing fingerless gloves and I think that using your method would make wonderful gloves. Thank you for sharing this creative method!

  2. You're welcome! I hope you will try this method for fingerless gloves, I bet they will look fabulous!

  3. Fabulous! I'd love to see you join link up with us at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party at


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