Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Day of Summer

It's the first day of summer and I hope you're all enjoying the day in whatever way you like most. Yesterday was the first day of my mini-stay-at-home vacation. Our dog Tiel and I spent the day working in the flower beds and vegetable garden.

The deer haven't found my Wave petunias yet. They're starting to look really pretty.

I tucked some Dianthus (Deltoides) among the rocks of the flower bed and they are also starting to bloom.

After awhile the dog was bored with the whole gardening, we took a walk to the neighbor's pond so she could go swimmin'.

For an 8 year old dog, she has a lot of energy when it comes to swimmin'.

We also did a little cooking and baking on our "new-to-us" Traeger grill.

Pizza quesadillas and grilled pineapple for lunch. M-m-m-m-m-m-m!

Then we baked some blackberry bread pudding. We used this Blueberry Bread Pudding recipe and substituted blackberries for the blueberries. Awesome!

And some Banana Chocolate Chip Nut Bread. YUM!

I'll share the recipe for the bread on another post. Tiel and I are ready to get outside and enjoy the first day of summer. We've got more weeding and planting planned. Oh! and Tiel wants to go swimmin' again later! Have a fantastic first day of summer!

Happy Summer!


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