Sunday, June 15, 2014

3 Blocks for June

In case you missed it, this post is where I rambled on about the goals I would need to set to meet the deadline for the wedding afghan I'm making. Now that June is halfway over, I can report.....I made my goal for June!!!! One 12-inch block and two 6-inch blocks.

It wasn't easy either. There were problems along the way.

I started out on May 31st with the Harlequin Shells block. I was really excited to start this block. Two things went wrong.
  1. The pattern gets lost when there isn't a color change every round. Maybe that's why they didn't have a picture of a block done in a solid color?
  2. The block got rufflier every row I went larger
I ripped the block to5-1/2 inches and finished with a round of sc to make a 6-inch block. So my first 6-inch block took 7 days to complete. Remember now, my projected goal was TWO 6-inch blocks in a week's time frame.

My second block was 12" Diamond in the Rye. . It went a little better than the first AFTER I figured out I was doing the 2dctog and 3dctog stitches wrong (more like a cluster). Once that was corrected the block went smoothly.

I was also able to squeeze in Walled Garden Square before the two weeks (goal) was up. It went really smoothly and was a nice little block. I also went ahead and sewed the 3 blocks together. That way I feel like I'm one step ahead of the game. I also decided to make another 6-inch block. Just because. Maybe it would be good to get a few extra blocks ahead. Just in case I have some other problem squares!

Happy crocheting!


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