Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Contest (and Prize Package) for Knitters aqnd Crocheters

Some of the gals over at Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Project (JCCF) and I decided we should run a little contest to increase our members in this fun little group. We knit and crochet 12-inch blocks that we send to Wendy. She take the blocks and turns them into (fabulous) blankets that are donated to injured rodeo cowboys and cowgirls to give them some comfort during their healing process.

We need some new members! If you can knit or crochet a 12-inch square, you're just the type of member we're looking for! Even if you just do one or two blocks a year (although, once you get started it's hard to stop at one or two blocks a year). All the blocks add up! Imagine how many blankets could be made for injured rodeo athletes. If we get SO many blocks, we MAY have to find someone to help Wendy out making blankets. We'll cross that bridge later though!

We also do a lot of the other fun things that other Ravelry groups do. Swaps, KAL/CALs, recipe swaps, chit-chat, you know, all the things that make groups SO much fun. If you happen to be a knitter or crocheter who is not on Ravelry and have no idea what I'm talking about.....click on that link and get signed up. NOW! You won't regret it! Well, you might regret it when you can't get anything else done....because you're on RAVELRY all the time! But, I digress.

Let's get to the contest and prize package.
Here's what you're going to win:

This super cute project bag!

Yummy yarn from Spud & Chloe and some crochet hooks.

Small tote bag and interchangeable needle or hook bag.

Here's the inside of the needle/hook bag. Pockets for your needles/hooks and a clear pocket for your cables/notions. These hooks and needles are NOT included in the prize package, sorry, I used my own needles to show the bag.

This cute recyclable cup cozy.

Cupcake erasers and a ruler (I couldn't get a really good picture of the ruler, sorry).
A very good package that will ALL go to one lucky winner! Prize package will be selected by a random number generator. SUPER big thanks to Wendy and Jennifer for helping put this FABULOUS package together!!!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Join Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Project  (JCCF). If you're not already a member of Ravelry, you'll have to join it first (take my word for it, you won't regret it!).
  2. Enter your Ravelry user name in the comments section of this post.
  3. Enter the name of the Ravelry member who invited you to join (if this applies) also. As there will also be a prize package for the member who recruits the most new members to join.
  4. Now that you are a new member, check out this post to find out how to qualify for a second prize package for recruiting the most new members!
I can't wait to meet all our new members!

Happy knitting and crocheting!


P.S. I was so excited to put together this post, I left out one Key element......The Winner will be announced October 1st (2014). So, you have over a month to join/recruit new members!


  1. My RAV name is KnitsWithSnicks, and you, Lori, are the one who steered me to the group!

  2. My name is mugginsquilts and craftymadre steered me here.

  3. My ravelry name is yarnaddict12 and I am here because of emalou on ravelry.

  4. rav name trade for a frog here cause of emalou

  5. mrstradeforafrog here for emalou

  6. haizle checking in for emalou

  7. meagheen checking in since emalou asked me too

  8. My rav ID is webmaster brought to the group by emalou

  9. rav id is fuddles here for emalou


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