Monday, August 11, 2014

To Make Dieting a Little Easier.....

In case you don't follow The Prairie Homestead (and really, if you don't, you should), you might have missed her post on Homemade Stevia Extract. My immediate response was "AWESOME"!  Even though I hadn't grown stevia this year, (and  think I will in the future) we had a few plants left in the nursery that I bought up to try this out.

They were VERY overgrown, so I cut off about a third of the top growth, gave them a good rinse, and removed the leaves from the stems. After that, I just followed her easy steps to making the extract. In about 48 hours, I'll strain the extract and try it out. It's supposed to be VERY sweet, so a little will go a long way.

I mentioned in this post that I'm experimenting  with different "healthier" sweeteners (in moderation), because, really, I can't give up sweets COMPLETELY. I'm hoping that this won't sabotage the no flour no sugar diet because the diet has been pretty successful so far. I couldn't tell you how many pounds I've lost (if any) because we don't even own a scale. BUT. I have lost 1-1/2" in my waist and 2-1/2" in my belly and hips in just over a month. Also, my energy levels and moods are more stable (if that makes any sense). Actually, I think I'm saving money grocery-wise, too. There are still a few processed foods I've been buying, but I've cut out a lot of them. When they warn you about all the hidden flour and sugar in processed food, they're not kidding!

Speaking of groceries, look what I found in the store this morning....

An infuser that fits on your Mason jar. It's so great! Just fill the infuser bottle with fruits, or herbs, attach to the lid portion and place inside your mason jar filled with water (or spirits). 

I cut up some cucumbers and added raspberries to them. I'm hoping this might make water a little more appealing to me. It's good for you, I know, but it's not really my favorite.  Well, that's how the diet is going for me. How about you? Any great things you've found to make dieting easier for you?

Happy dieting!


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