Friday, January 2, 2015

First Sewing Project for the New Year

I spent yesterday morning working on the first sewing project of the new year. I had purchased this men's vest pattern from Buckaroo Bobbins a few years ago. My hubby had been wanting a wool vest. For whatever reason (maybe too many other projects?), I never got around to purchasing any fabric for the vest. I think my hubby felt like he was NEVER going to see a vest and last fall he went out and purchased this......

He wears this vest all the time. He also started talking about buying a gray vest. Okay, I get it. After all, it was part of the reason we decided to purchase New and Shiny. So, just after Christmas, when things had slowed down and fabric was on sale, we went and purchased 2 yards of gray wool and 2 yards of gray lining fabric. Actually, we purchased 2 yards and 14 inches of the gray wool, because that was what was left on the bolt. I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS purchase any extra  fabric if it's the end of the bolt. You know, just in case. It's always better to have too much fabric than not enough (that logic there MIGHT be the reason I have quite a stash of fabric odds and ends).

Yesterday morning, I measured the vest he already owns, and compared it to the pattern pieces. A size Large was really close to the same size as his vest. I did have to lengthen the pattern 2-1/2 inches to get the same length. I traced the pattern pieces I needed. I always trace any multi-size patterns instead of cutting the pattern pieces. That way, I can preserve the original pattern, in case I need a different size later (I think this comes from my years of dressmaking experience).

When I began the cutting, I realized I was going to have way more wool than I needed (about a yard and 14 inches). My hubby suggested I make myself a wool vest also. I thought about prepping a pattern for me and cutting it out along with his vest. That way, I could sew both vests at the same time. The only thing better than finishing one project is to finish two! Then, it dawned on me......what if something went wrong with the welted pockets (I hadn't done them for QUITE a while). If I didn't cut out my vest, I would have plenty of fabric to cut out replacement vest fronts if I needed them (let's hope not.....but, just in case....more dressmaker knowledge there). I could always make my vest at another time.

Well, there it is the vest is all cut out and ready to be sewn. I got it cut out just in time for us to head out to a friend's house where we had a Rose bowl football watching party. Even though hubby and I are Oregon State was pretty fun watching that other Oregon team win the Rose bowl. Go Ducks!

Happy sewing!


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