Saturday, September 14, 2013

New & Shiny

Let me begin by saying, I've been accused (by several people now) of being attracted by new & shiny. I'm not totally denying that, it's probably part of the reason I lose interest in projects halfway through. BUT. I also am a practical person. For instance, I've sewn on the same sewing machine for 34 years (OW! that was hard to write!)

That is.....until a week ago! Let me introduce you to......New & Shiny!

We replaced my poor old workhorse of a machine with this. I had ALWAYS said I would NEVER replace that machine. I was convinced none of the new machines could sew through the thick layers I put that old machine through. Boy! Was I wrong!

We had taken my old machine in for a tune-up. The outlook wasn't very good. The buttonholer had already jammed (non-functional) over a year ago. I had already been told that if the cam mechanism ever went that was going to be EXPENSIVE! So, we were prepared to begin looking for a new machine.

The man at the sewing machine store showed us this machine. After he ran 5 layers (we counted them) of a faux leather. That's important because my hubby's projects ALWAYS involve layers of HEAVY fabrics (usually cotton duck or denim). Then right behind it, a silky sheer fabric. Well. I kicked that old machine of mine to the curb, so to say.

Needless to say, I LOVE my new machine! I've already been sewing LOTS of things. One of the first things I made was this sewing  organizer.

Here's a close-up.

Don't look too close, it's not my BEST work. To begin with, I usually hand sew my bindings down . I just HAD to play with the stitches!

Anyway, there will be more sewing type posts in the future......because I'm having so much DARN fun with this machine!

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