Saturday, January 10, 2015

ZickZacking Along

In case you read yesterday's post, I should mention.
  1. I kind of panicked looking at the photo. It looked like I might have to start over on the fronts. And.
  2. I've been sick, so I might have been delirious.
That said, I checked and everything seems fine on the vest. The pockets are a little higher than hubby's other vest, but not EXTREMELY high like the photo makes them look. Anyway, enough about the vest. Let's talk about ZickZack scarves!


Here's the progress on the Zickzack Scarf I'm working on for the Simply Notable KAL. This knit is SO addicting! What I really need to be working on is this wedding afghan, but I just can't seem to put down the scarf! Come May, I'm going to regret that decision, but I'll worry about that another day!

For anyone who might be afraid of weaving in "all those ends" in a scrappy project. Let me just say two words. Russian. Join. If you notice the back side of my scarf above, there are only TWO ends (well, and I will have two on the other end). How do I do that? Russian. Join.

Okay, here's how I do it exactly. First, when I feel like I'm ready to change colors, I knit up to the last 12 stitches and cut the yarn I'm working with to about 6 inches.

With a darning needle, I make the "eye" portion of the Russian join.

Then (again with that darning needle), thread the new yarn through the "eye" and complete your Russian join.

Continue knitting (in pattern) those final 12 stitches. The new color will be pretty close to the last stitch at the end of the row. Sometimes the color change will be several stitches in the current (or next) row. It's not really an exact thing, but, hey! It's a "scrappy" project!

Well, there you have it. Scrappy work with no ends to weave in!

Happy knitting!


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  1. Love the scarf, I can see why you can't get away from it.

  2. It's beautiful, I love the colours combinations you've been doing

  3. Thank so much ladies! It's been a very fun knit!


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