Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

This is my MAIN goal for 2015! I have until May 1st to get this wedding afghan completed. AND. I'm really, REALLY close. 3 12-inch blocks, 7 6-inch blocks. Sew together some of the strips and a border is all that's left!  Of course, if you've ready any of these posts here, here & here you know I MIGHT have a problem staying on track and getting things finished. know what I've GOT to be working on!

BUT. What else? What else will I be working on/towards in 2015?

1. ZickZack Scarf- Because it looked like fun. It's going to use up odds and ends of sock yarn. AND. The Simply Notable Group made it a KAL, So.....BAM! I'm going to work on this!

2. Finish this Maple Leaf Quilt that I started QUITE a while back. I only have about 5 more blocks to go too.

3. Make more afghan blocks in these colors. It's Caron one pound in black, taupe, and off-white. Because I already have quite a few blocks made during the past BAMCAL  (link to 2015's group)years. I also have blocks using Caron one pound in navy, taupe and off-white. It wouldn't take too many and I would have enough for 2 more afghans. So, I'm setting that as a goal too!

4. I'd also like to make a stash-buster afghan and use up a bunch of my accumulated worsted (acrylic)yarns. I can't decide if I'd like to make it out of blocks or maybe a crochet ripple?

5. See all the pins on my Pinterest boards? I'd like to move a bunch of them over to this board. I can't do that until I actually do the pin though. Imagine all the blog posts I could have if I just worked on that. So, I'm going to make that a goal as well.

6. I'm also going to start analyzing my Wip's, yarns, fabrics, etc. and getting rid of anything I really don't think I will finish/use (actually, I've already started on this one). There's really no point in hanging on to things that I don't think are ever going to get done or used up.

Last year I also mentioned I'd like to concentrate on better photos.....I'd still like to make that a goal, but, I also know that most days during the best light of the day, I'm working, so.......

I also mentioned I wanted to start my gift projects in JANUARY instead of DECEMBER ( I actually say this EVERY year)! I really, REALLY want to try to attain this goal!

That's the MAIN goals for 2015. What do your goals for 2015 look? May we all attain at least a few of our goals in 2015!

Happy New Year!


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