Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Afghan Update

Well, there you have it. 2 strips of the afghan all sewn together. That would be 6 12-inch squares and 12 6-inch squares. Too bad I didn't have 3 strips. It would have covered more of my ugly deck......but I didn't have 3 strips finished and the deck was the flattest (large) surface I could find.

I'm pretty happy with the how the afghan is looking so far. Remember back in May when I rambled on and on about how many blocks per month I would have to make to finish this afghan by March of 2015. Well, I've pretty much thrown  that idea out the window. I've just been working on as many blocks as I can crank out and sewing them to their neighbors. I just want to get this afghan done. I'm getting pretty close too. Even though they're not all sewn together (and by sewn I mean single crocheted), I only have 5 12-inch blocks and 7 6-inch blocks to crochet up. That is amazing for me. While I LOVE to crochet up blocks, I have only COMPLETED one afghan from any of those blocks (I did complete one other afghan, but it wasn't made from blocks).

Anyway, I thought I would share the blocks I've completed lately (in no particular order).

Little Bitties. These are a 4-inch square that I added an extra round (maybe it was 2....) to. Fun little square. (Isn't that little Wave petunia pretty? So happy the deer haven't eaten them yet)

Fill 'er Up Square. I just LOVE these little 6-inch squares. They crochet up so quick.

Dream Catcher. What a fabulous (and quick) square to crochet! I think I am going to have to add another round of sc to bring it up to size though.

Granny On Point Square. I have to admit, this square looks WAY better in various colors instead of just one.....but, it does add some nice texture. I should also take the photos BEFORE I sew them to their neighbor.....for future reference.....

Royal Romance. SUCH a pretty square! Fairly easy too, although I did have some concentration problems. That was just me, though. Not really the squares fault.

That's all the squares I have photos of. I do still have 3 6-inch squares that I need to get photos of. I'll post those later (maybe I'll have some more strips sewn together by then, too). Hope you're making progress on your current projects!

Happy crocheting!


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  1. Love love love the progress on your afghan. The effect of one color with different blocks is absolutely gorgeous. You've inspired me to start my own for my new home! (now where's my crochet hook?)


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