Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3 New T-shirts

The last week of February I finished 3 new (spring) t-shirts! I've been needing some new t-shirts and one of my goals for 2015 (I didn't write it down anywhere, no sense wasting the time or paper) was to use up some of the fabric I've been hoarding. These were pretty quick. I cut them out on a Sunday and finished them up on a Thursday as those were the only 2 days I had to work on them.

 This pinkish shirt was Butterick 3344 view B (but I used a short cap sleeve instead of the long sleeve). I added 2-1/2" to the length to make it long enough for me (I hate a too short tee)I'm not sure if this pattern is still in print or not. I didn't check.

This turquoise stripe shirt was Stretch & Sew 1500. Who knows what's the t-shirt with the ballet neck and short cap sleeves. This is one of the patterns I use all-the-time. I'm pretty sure this one is no longer in print (do they even make Stretch & Sew patterns anymore?), but sometimes you can find it on Amazon.

This last t-shirt is a combination of patterns (if you're not a rule follower, you can do all sorts of things). I basically layed my Stretch & Sew pattern pieces over a short sleeve dolman tee-shirt pattern and traced. Then I added a shirt tail hem (from a blouse pattern) just for something different. Eventually, I want to make this cute lace yoke tee and this was just a mock-up (that's wearable) for the basic dolman tee pattern. I will have to make an adjustment on the sleeves as they seem to be a little snug (wearable, but snug), but, overall a good fitting pattern. SUPER fast, too! With only 2 pieces and 4 major seams, I bet it didn't take me an hour to complete! If you want a similar top pattern and don't want to go through all the steps I took to get my pattern, this Dreamer tee is very similar.

I tried one new thing (well, new to me) on the construction of these shirts, I used a walking foot to sew the major seams. AWESOME! I'm using a walking foot from now on when sewing with knits! I HIGHLY recommend trying the walking foot on your next knit. You will LOVE it!

Happy Sewing!


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