Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's Finally Finished!

Hubby's wool vest, that is. Okay, actually, it was done over a week ago. It just took me this long to get photos. That's only going to get worse as the gardening season gets closer.....

After all the struggles (see posts here, here and here), we're both pretty happy about how this vest turned out. Now, I need to make a few more western shirts for him. We went to the (one and only) fabric store to look for shirt fabrics and were extremely disappointed. MAYBE, 3 choices (none of which he liked). I remember an instructor making the comment that if you find a good men's shirt fabric, you should pick it up and add it to your stash. Could they really be that hard to find? Which leads me to people sew for men anymore? I do have 3 fabrics in my stash that I will start with, but then what?

So......if anyone out there knows of a good source for men's shirting fabrics, let me know.

Happy sewing!


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