Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's Almost Done!

Hubby's vest, that is! I know I mentioned in this post that I HOPED to get it finished by Valentine's Day. Yeah, that didn't happen.....and really, if we're going to be honest, I don't think I even expected it to happen.

I've basically had some sewing challenges so far in 2015 (this post and this post should explain what I'm talking about). And. It's really been frustrating. So, I really tried not to rush this vest (which is not that hard, given my limited sewing machine time per day). Since I made a copy of hubby's vest (details on this post at the bottom.....after my rant about vest #1's epic fail) AND also made a muslin mock-up, the fit was exactly like his original vest (Whew!).

I did have to make some alterations on the welt pockets (because of the heavier weight of the wool) and I took some (badly lighted) pictures of this process. That way, I could share the process of the welted pockets in case anyone ever feels they might want to try them. And. I probably won't remember what I did the next time I want to make welted pockets again......SO, if I write it down somewhere (a blog post is somewhere).

I just have top-stitching and buttons/buttonholes left and then it will be TOTALLY done! Wish me luck on the buttonholes.......I'm still getting to know the buttonholer on New & Shiny. I'm thinking there will definitely be some practice buttonholes.....just sayin'!

Happy Sewing!


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