Monday, May 4, 2015

Sometimes, Indecision is a Good Thing.....

Remember the dress dilemma I wrote about a few days ago? I pretty much had myself convinced I would wear the floral dress for the wedding. But, still not COMPLETELY convinced. I mean, I didn't want to be too casual. So, I took BOTH dresses. I figured I'd make a decision the night of the wedding.

SUCH a good thing I brought both dresses! As I was trying to get into the truck in the motel parking lot (carefully, so I wouldn't bump the door of the car parked next to us), I heard a R-I-I-I-I-P.......a good one too. From the vent to the bottom of the zipper. So, back into the motel to change into the beige dress. That's one way to make a decision!

It was a beautiful wedding and we had such a good time visiting with everyone. Now, I've got a mending project ahead of me to fix that seam. Luckily, it was just the seam and not the fabric that ripped! And. I've learned a new technique of getting into a truck with a dress on!

Happy mending!


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