Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Did a Little Planting on Memorial Day

All around town, there are beautiful Oriental poppies blooming (wouldn't it have been smart of me to get a photo for you?). And. They are BEAUTIFUL! Since (red) poppies are a symbol of rememberance, I thought that was the perfect thing to plant for Memorial Day.

The variety was called Pizzacato. I'm not really sure what color it will be since it looks like there are several colors on the tag. That's kind of the drawback when buying a plant that's not in bloom (and it's a "mix"). I'm HOPING it won't be a deer's dinner (you never can tell), since a lot of the plants around town look like they have "naturalized" and seem to be undisturbed by the "town deer". I know it is on the list of plants that are "deer resistant". I wonder if deer read that list? The ones around my house sure don't!
So, hopefully, next year for Memorial Day, there will be some lovely poppies in bloom at our house.
Happy Gardening!

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