Monday, May 25, 2015

Easy to Grow Perennials - Lamium

My garden is really starting to bloom. While I'm enjoying the blooms something occurred to me.....I have been neglectful about sharing my "Easy to Grow Perennials" list. I had actually started this list a few years back. Then, I must have gotten busy (or gotten involved in something else, who knows.....) But, I got to thinking, since it's planting season (at least it's planting season here in eastern Oregon), maybe someone would be interested in the plants I find SUPER easy to grow.

So, here is another one of my favorites. Lamium....also known as Dead Nettle. This is a real beauty with it's variegated foliage. The blooms can be in shades of pink, lavenders, and white. I think this lavender variety might be my favorite. I wish I could tell you the variety name. It might be "Red Nancy"? (Note to those plant markers!) Put your Lamium in an afternoon shaded area (the foliage tends to burn in a hot, afternoon sunny area) and let it do it's magic.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day. And. If you have a need to plant something today, think about Lamium!

Happy Memorial Day!


I hope everyon

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