Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Wearing me Down.....

You see what I've done here, gathered yarn. Stash yarn to be exact. Why? you ask. Because I want to start this Spice of Life Blanket. It's not that I NEED another project. I especially don't NEED another project at this time of year. I don't NEED another project cutting into my pre-Christmas crafting time.

But. Someone shared their blanket on Ravelry. Which lead me to this thread and after seeing all the BEAUTIFUL blankets. AND. Thinking this would be a great stash busting project. Which is something that needs to be done with a lot of the acrylic yarn I've gathered over the years......well......I'm pretty sure I'm going to be starting a new afghan soon.

Even though I will be starting this CAL a little late. Quite late, actually. I really, REALLY think I should get started soon!

So, I'll be dividing up what precious little crafting time I have between my Woodsmoke (which I'm over halfway through the yoke) and a baby blanket I recently started (I'll give you a sneak peak soon) and NOW this afghan. As well as a few other projects along the way......Crafting is like some sort of an addiction I tell you....But a good addiction. Wouldn't you agree?

Happy crocheting!


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