Friday, September 18, 2015


I started a new sweater. It's called Woodsmoke. It's a pattern I received from the Simply Notable Group (Thanks again ladies!).

  There's a few reasons I chose this pattern.
  1. I really, REALLY want to be able to complete a successful (cardigan)sweater.
  2. I wanted a seamless, top-down knit.
  3. I was interested in the round yoke increases (in my mind, I can convert the cable pattern to a colorwork pattern for a future sweater....).
  4. I LOVED the cable pattern.
  5. The title Woodsmoke reminds me of fall.
  6. After I get through the cabled yoke section, it's just miles and miles of knitting and purling rows. Perfect for rainy fall couch potato days. Or even fall road-trip days!
This won't be the only project I will be working on this fall (of course). This project will be my designated "home" project. At least until I get through the "I need to concentrate" yoke section. Once I get to the rest of the sweater, it will be a great travel project!

How are your fall knitting projects coming along? Making anything new and exciting?

Happy Fall Knitting!


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