Friday, October 2, 2015

Pattern Instructions.....

Over a week ago, I reported in this post, that I was going to make a bit of a change in the pattern instructions. Well, I've FINALLY gotten back to sewing on this project so, I thought I would explain what I meant.

First, I should tell you how the pattern is constructed. You start by assembling the front pieces (3). Assemble the back pieces (3). Sew the shoulder seams. Then, the pattern wants you to sew on the pockets and sew the side seams. After that, you sew on the collar and front facing piece to the collar. Now, you're going to sew in the zipper.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to sew my zippers in when I have the flattest sewing surface I can get. And. if my jacket is all sewn together, that's not going to be very flat. Obviously, I have to sew the collars (and front facings) on before I sew the zipper in, since the zipper goes up into the collar. But there is really no reason to sew on the pockets or side seams BEFORE I sew the zipper in. So here's my revised pattern instructions:

  1. Assemble front pieces.
  2. Assemble back pieces.
  3. Sew shoulder seams.
  4. Attach collar.
  5. Attach facings to collar.
  6. Sew in zipper.
  7. Sew facings to zipper and topstitch.
  8. Attach pockets.
  9. Sew side seams.
Now I can finish the jacket following the remainder of the instructions. It's the most logical (that statement is almost funny to me!) way to sew this jacket to me. If you're planning on making this jacket, you might consider assembling  in the same order. Unless you're really good at sewing in zippers working in awkward positions!

Happy Sewing!


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