Monday, September 28, 2015

Easy to Grow Perennials

If you've been wanting to do a little fall planting and add a few perennials to your landscape. I think this list will be helpful.

Living in the country is a CHALLENGE when it comes to gardening. If the deer don't eat your flowers/veggies.....A rabbit, chipmunk, squirrel, pack rat, mouse, vole or rock chuck (Marmot) will. Then, if you have a climate like ours, cold winters and a short summer growing season......It can be ALMOST impossible to garden!

These are some of my FAVORITE perennials. These are easy to grow. MOSTLY deer & critter resistant (I'm not sure there is ANY plant they WON'T eat). They not only thrive, but will produce more plants (by reseeding or dividing) for you to enjoy! In case you've missed any posts, here's a round-up of these fantastic plants :



I hope you can add one of these perennials to your landscape or gardens soon. I know you will enjoy them!

Happy Gardening!


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