Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maple Leaf Quilt Block

I've had a renewed interest in quilting (see this post). While going through my fabric stash, I found these four finished Maple leaf blocks. Obviously, I was going to do SOMETHING with them, just not sure what.

Since I've decided to make a few of these blocks every month, I thought I would share the block with you. You know, in case you want to make a few, too!

Just a note- Hopefully you already have some basic quiltmaking skills (if not, see this post) -since I'm probably lacking in pictures/descriptions in this tutorial.

Finished block size will be 9-1/2 inches:

Start by cutting 3-1/2" squares- 2 of your background fabric & 3 of your "Maple leaf" fabric.

For your triangles, you will cut 3-7/8" squares diagonally (corner to opposite corner).
You will need 4 triangles of background fabric & 4 of your "Maple leaf" fabric.

......and last, but not least......a piece 1/2" x 5" for the "stem". I might add here, that I machine applique my stem down. If you prefer to hand applique, you would want to add seam allowances to the 1/2" sides. If you use 1/4", then your strip would be 1" x 5".
Okay, now we're ready to sew!

Start by laying out your pieces like this. If you notice, my triangles are already sewn....not sure WHERE my unsewn picture went. Hopefully, you get the idea....sorry.
I began by appliqueing the stem down diagonally across one of the background squares (again no picture.....what WAS I doing). Then trim the extra stem fabric to match the backgound square.
Then, I sewed one backgound fabric triangle to one Maple leaf fabric triangle. This is a bias edge so be careful not to stretch that edge. I usually chain-stitch these tiangles going from one to the next until all four are sewn.
 Press the seam allowance towards the dark fabric.
Once again layout your pieces and begin sewing together as layed out. Press as you go.
Your finished block should look something like this:
Okay, that's it! You're done!

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