Friday, March 1, 2013

Quilt Blocks of the Month

I've been quilting (off & on) for almost 30 years now. For some reason, though, I've never done a (quilt) Block of the Month. I've done LOTS of Crochet Blocks of the Month. It's a great way to try different techniques with not a big time commitment. You only have to make one per month!

Well, I've decided to change all that. In January, I joined Craftsy's 2013 Quilt Block of the Month. It was a free class when I signed up. My plan is to make the quilt out of (mostly) fabrics I already have on hand. Here's my January block(s):

Yeah, the bottom left is a little wonky in the picture. Not sure why. Anyway, I still have February' blocks (well, and now March, too) to make. I'll post those later.

Of course, ONE Quilt Block a Month could NEVER be enough since I also found
this Block of the Month from Sew Many Ways in February. So, Here's the block I did for THIS Block of the Month:

It was a very fun little block!

AND I was going through my fabric stash......I found these:

Who knows WHEN I made these? I must have had some plan.....but, what?
So-o-o-o-o, I decided I should make more of these, too! So, I made this one to go with them.

I figure if I make a couple of these every month, (if you want to make a few of these too check out this post) I might have enough squares at the end of the year to make a lap quilt (at least).

Well, there you have plans for quilt blocks each month. I'll do updates on my progress. Might as well dust off your sewing machine and join me!

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