Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Planting Blooms for Spring

It's been a few weeks since I've had a blog post. I believe I mentioned in this post about how crazy October is for me. Well, it REALLY has been. Despite October, I have been getting some stuff done.

First, I need to mention, my lined gift bag was featured on show-licious linky party . I feel SO honored! Thanks for featuring me Marti! If you've never been to sewlicioushomedecor, you should hop on over to her blog and check it out. Fun (and YUMMY) stuff over there!

Another thing I wanted to get done this month (okay, I had hoped to get this done LAST month)......plant bulbs for spring! If you haven't done this yet, you still have a little time. Not MUCH time, but I'd say until mid- November in the frigid north. Maybe longer if you live in the south.

Here's what I decided to plant this year.

How about that photo? GREAT photography, huh? Anyway, I LOVE these little Dutch Irises. They are SO cute. They are usually the first blooms I see in spring. Rarely do the deer, rabbits, chipmunks or other "critters" bother them. That's a REAL plus in my garden.

Simply Lovely!

I also decided I needed a few more Daffodils. I had a hard time choosing a variety. They are all just SO BEAUTIFUL! I decided on this variety......Bell Song. Isn't that pretty? The pink cup surrounded by the white petals. CAN"T wait to see it bloom!
Daffodils are also one of my favorite deer/critter resistant blooms. Depending whether the bloom is an "early", "mid", or "late" blooming variety, you can have Daffodils blooming for quite a while in the spring.
I also decided to try something "new to me". Allium.
Being in the onion family it's supposed to be deer resistant also. I have to say, I have my doubts about this. I only say this because of the deer/rabbit eating of my chives (also in the onion family). I decided to try it anyway. They are really pretty and I found a very good spot in a new planting bed. So, we shall see.
If you've never planted spring blooming bulbs before, it is SO EASY! Here's the process in a nutshell...
The back of your bulb package will give you the basics. How deep? How far apart? Best time to plant? So dig your hole (or trench) however deep the package instructions say.
Put the bulbs in the bottom of the hole (or trench) spacing as directed. OR, if you want pretty clumps of bulbs......

Group 3 to 5 bulbs together in the bottom of the hole. They will grow together and give you really full clumps of foliage and blooms. Something like this.
Once your bulbs are in the bottom of the hole, cover them with soil you removed for the hole. Sprinkle the soil with your favorite brand of bulb fertilizer (whether you prefer organic or synthetic).
Water area and keep moist until seasonal rains take over. That's all there is to planting spring blooming bulbs! Now, just wait for spring to arrive and the bulbs begin to magically appear from the ground. It is truly AMAZING!
Happy Planting!

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