Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift Baskets Made Easy

My hubby and I always give gift baskets to some of our neighbors. We REALLY appreciate our neighbors. They are people who you can always depend on.
If you need someone to feed your animals when you need to go somewhere. If there's an emergency, you can always rely on them to help you out. They are just really neat people. So every year at Christmas we put together some sort of basket. This year, at the Dollar Store, I found these......

Basket Bags! LOVE them! They're so easy to use to. Simply assemble your tray (or basket, or bucket).

Pull the bag over your gift basket.

Pull the ends up and tie with ribbons or a big bow.

Makes a very pretty gift basket, don't you think? The best part is they are quick, 'cuz  thyme is getting short....just 5 days until Christmas!

Happy gift giving!


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