Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Where did 2013 go?

It's been just a year ago that we were ringing in 2013. Now it's GONE! It went by SO FAST! Time for reflection and planning for a new year. Can you believe it?
I'd like to start by declaring my new-found dedication to exercise and healthy eating. I'd like to.....BUT, I don't think it will happen. The best I can do there is to say I PLAN on eating more whole grains, fruits/veggies and less sugar/junk. This winter, I also plan on putting my knitting down more often to get outside and walk (Or maybe I could learn to knit AND walk). Do you think that's enough?

Okay, really,  here is a list of possible goals:
  1. Improve photography skills and/or edit photos for blog posts (maybe I'll be happier with my pictures).
  2. Blog post at LEAST once a week (I've got lots of ideas but finding the time to get them posted......).
  3. Finish 2012 BAMCAL Afghan for a special gift.
  4. Finish Maple Leaf Quilt (again for a gift).
  5. Shop at thrift stores, yard sales and the discount stores more often (there's some great, cheap stuff out there)!
  6. Complete a SUCCESSFUL sweater (knit OR crochet).
  7. Get to know New & Shiny a little better (I'm still on a learning curve with this machine).
  8. Start my gift-making in JANUARY (instead of December) and accumulate gifts all YEAR long (I say this every year and yet my best ideas come in December, then I run out of TIME).
I'm going to really concentrate on #8. If I post the projects I'm working on, I'll also be able to meet #2. Maybe together we can have a year filled with gift ideas!

Happy New Year!


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