Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Minute Hat Pattern

Let me start by saying I'm running WAY behind on the whole Christmas gift making thing. I've pretty much given up thinking I'll get any sort of knitting project finished before Christmas. There's basically only 10 good knitting days left. That's not enough for me.
So, I decided to come up with another plan. This pattern (and polar fleece) from The Green Pepper.

It's a SUPER fast to sew up beanie (just a note here - I always put any multi-sized patterns into a large Manila envelope for storage - much easier than trying to fit many sizes of tracings into a larger envelope than the smaller ones the patterns comes in ). When I say SUPER fast, that's exactly what I mean. I sewed FOUR hats in 30 minutes!

Okay, that doesn't count cutting time. I cut a whole SLEW of hats out the night before. Really though, that didn't take me very long either. If you're in a pinch for a few quick-to-sew gifts this hat might be your answer!

Happy Sewing!


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