Friday, January 10, 2014

2 New Cardigans

I mentioned in this post about needing some nicer clothes for some upcoming functions. I decided to sew a couple of cardigans out of some knit fabrics I had been "hoarding".
The first cardigan I made was  this one.....

It was made from Butterick 5528. I LOVE this cardigan! I LOVE the way the fabric drapes! After cutting it out (I never count this step.....) I bet it didn't take me more than an hour (total) to sew up! Oh! How I LOVE knit fabrics!
Then, I made this cardigan.......
Wrong-side out. Really. This is the right-side of the fabric.
 Sort of looks like a bedspread to me.
I like the WRONG side much better.
Just a nice texture. So, I used that as my RIGHT side. The pattern is an old Stretch & Sew pattern (#180). I'm sure it's not in print anymore, but you may be able to find a used one? Otherwise, I'm sure there is a basic cardigan that would be similar.
Anyway, the cardigan is basically finished except for buttons/buttonholes. I'm a bit hesitant about the buttonholes, since I've never made buttonholes with New & Shiny. Not really sure what I'm hesitant about.
The machine has this kind of cool looking buttonhole foot.....
You place the button in one end. Then, the foot makes the buttonhole the perfect size for your button. I think I'll make a few test buttonholes on some scraps of the fabric before I make them on the garment. We'll see how it goes......wish me luck!
Happy sewing!

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