Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Starting Over....

I just couldn't stand it. On the 1st of January, I started this scarf. It seemed like it would be the perfect knit. Rows and rows of just knitting (since it's basically garter stitch). Well, every other row there was an increase and decrease to create the shape, but otherwise just knitting.
Unfortunately, that's what turned me off to knitting originally. My first project (I think I was about 9 or 10) was a garter stitch boat-necked sweater. It took FOREVER! When it was FINALLY was too small for me. So, it got handed down to my sisters.

Now, if you're thinking why would anyone start a child with a sweater as a first project? I should probably mention, sweaters was ALL my mother ever knitted. No scarves. No hats. No mittens, socks, afghans.....just sweaters. So naturally,  my first project would be a sweater. But. Garter stitch, so there wouldn't be any purling. And. Boat-necked, so there wouldn't be any shaping. It just took too long for me (I wonder if THIS is the reason I haven't completed a successful sweater yet?) and I took up sewing. MUCH faster!!!!

It took me over 30 years to come back around to knitting (which I now LOVE). So, when this scarf started to feel like that sweater (by that, I mean taking too LONG) was time to FROG and start over!

I found a fun stitch pattern that combines garter stitch with a row of dropped stitches.

Isn't that fun? I started with a provisional cast-on (I've never had success with that yet, so we'll see how that goes) since I want to make this a infinity scarf. I have to tell you I'm enjoying this knitting SO much more. That's the point with hobbies anyway, right? Hope you're enjoying your projects this year!

Happy Knitting!


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