Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goodwill Score!

I went thrift store shopping the other day. I was on a mission. I needed some slacks for some upcoming things that I need to dress a little better than normal. My usual outfit consists of wrangler jeans and t-shirt. At work I throw a company vest over that. I'd like to dress a bit more "professional" than this , but seriously my work DESTROYS clothes.

So, when I knew I had these functions to go to.....I looked in my closet to find.....nothing suitable, I'm afraid. I had mentioned in this post that I needed to do more thrift store shopping. I could sew some slacks, but, I really need to do some pattern work to get a decent fit for my current "out of shape" shape.

The first pair of pants I ran across was this.....

Black Wrangler jeans! Not slacks of course, but in my mind this IS dressed up! They were only $5.99 and in perfect condition.....SCORE!

THEN.....I ran across these.....

BRAND SPANKING NEW! The tags were still on them.

Notice the original price.....$42.00 and the price I paid.....$6.49.......Great cottony type fabric AND they fit perfectly! SCORE!

I also found a pair of black slacks that I'm not as much in LOVE with, but for $5.49 they'll be fine. Imagine 3 pairs of pants for UNDER $20.00. I'll be back thrift store shopping soon I think!

Happy Thrifting!


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