Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Quick Knit You'll LOVE!

Recently I had the opportunity to test knit the I Heart Tawashis pattern by Julie Tarsha from Simply Notable. It's another fabulous pattern by Julie! Very quick to knit too.

The pattern is designed to be knit out of worsted weight cotton to make the most amazing scrubbies for your dishes or facial cleaners for the bath. Combined with a homemade soap or sugar scrub, wouldn't they make a nice little gift?

As I was knitting the first tawashi, I noticed that before you sew up the bottom, there's a little pocket in the center of the heart.

That got me to thinking......SACHETS! So, I knit a couple of the hearts out of worsted weight wool and alpaca and filled them with lavender (you could also use potpourri).

They smell AMAZING! So, there you go, a quick knit to Love! Either as Tawashis or sachets they would make a very cute gift for Valentine's Day! Are you still sitting there? Go grab your stash and get knitting!

Happy knitting!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for test knitting, Lori! I love your idea to make them into sachets. That never even occurred to me!


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