Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Ready for Winter Olympics Viewing

I'm all ready. Ready for winter Olympics watching. As part of the Ravellenic Games 2014, I started planning projects to knit while watching the games.I'm not making the same mistake as the last in....picking projects that are TOO BIG to finish. Here's what I HOPE to accomplish.
  1. Knit a beanie out of the above yarn. I LOVE to knit hats and they go pretty quickly for me. I'm PRETTY SURE this can be accomplished.
  2. FROG  a sweater I've been working on since 2011. I'm REALLY sick of working on it. Even if I finished it, I don't think it would fit my friend correctly. So, it's going back to yarn to be used in another project.
  3. Finish up a couple of WIP's. One is a pair of fingerless mitts I started to test a pattern I was working on (and they're ALMOST done). The other is to finish this infinity scarf I started in January. I'm well over halfway to finishing it. I just want to get it done!
That's my "game plan". Have you got any knitting/crochet/craft projects you'll be working on during the Olympics?

Happy knitting!



  1. Are you knitting your original hat pattern? I want to do that soon!


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